NYLON PA6 Sheet&Rod

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Polyamide 6 is the most common extruded polyamide and offers a balanced combination of all typical characteristics of this group of materials. Damping properties and impact strength of the material deserve to be emphasized as much as high toughness even at low temperatures. Good abrasion resistance, particularly against mating parts with rough surfaces, completes the typical performance package. Compared to the cast nylon type PA 6C, Nylon 6 has higher moisture absorption, is less wear resistant and is slightly less dimensionally stable. There is also a limit to the size of semi finished products and the unit weight which can be achieved due to the limitations of the extrusion process. However, good mechanical strength combined with high chemical resistance makes polyamide 6 a classic material used universally for mechanical applications in tough hostile environments, as long as dimensional tolerances are not critically tight.

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