Plastic Chopping Board/Cutting Board
Chopping Board/Cutting Board We have cutting boards in various materials and sizes, please contact us for details

Foamlite® – Lightweight plastic sheets for greater benefits

We have developed the closed-pore foamed material Foamlite® especially for applications in which construction materials need to have a very low weight and have a high level of mechanical stability. This opens up a wide range of possibilities in lightweight design.<

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PP WELDING ROD Round&Triangle

Welding rods

We offer welding rods made of Polystone® and Trovidur® to complement our extensive range of sheet material.

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Polystone P (Standard polypropylene)
Noted for its excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments, this polymer is easily welded and machined. Hompolymer and copolymer grades,as well as a popular heat-stabilized formulation, are used in various applications throughout the chemical and semiconductor industries.<

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