Semitron ESD 500HR

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Semitron® ESD 500 HR PTFE is a static dissipative PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) that has the same general properties of unfilled PTFE but with additional static dissipative properties. It has a surface resistivity of 10^10 – 10^12. Because of its dissipative properties, Semitron® ESD is ideal for use in applications that give off electrical discharge. Semitron® ESD’s dissipative properties do not rely on humidity to activate, nor are surface treatments necessary. The Semitron® ESD 500HR PTFE grade in particular may be used in temperatures up to 500º F without degradation and offers high thermal insulation and a low coefficient of friction. It is available in a white color in the forms of sheet and rod.

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