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PE 1000 / PE-UHMW sheets - Antistatic ESD

This Polyethylene UHMW material comes with permanent antistatic properties. The electrostatic surface charge is strongly reduced, and a as a result the dust is not attracted and no electrostatic discharge occurs.
Polyethylene PE1000 sheet — Electrically conductive UHMW is an electrostatic dissipative material with a surface resistance of < 105Ω . This helps dissipate the static charges and protects against electrostatic discharge. It is used mainly in the pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, and power station industries.
PE 1000 / PE-UHMW sheets - Antistatic ESD sheets are composed of  UHMWPE material that incorporates a carbon black grade that renders this special type of material electrostatic dissipative properties.
This substance in the structure of the ESD UHMW-PE Polyethylene leads to strong electrostatic dissipation (ESD), and creates a great product with outstanding wear tolerance, and food touch compliancy.

It addresses the increasing hygiene and safety requirements of the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical processing industry, including compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) handling requirements and compliance with ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC the ESD UHMW-PE was developed to be used in specific applications such as pill filling guidelines, drug pressing applications, pistons and powder dosing valves. It is also suitable for the food processing & packaging sector for sugar and flour processing linings, conveyor belt parts.


  • Temperature: -200°C up to +80°C.
  • Electrically conductive material and highly resistant to all kind of bending and impact.
  • ESD UHMW-PE has great wear characteristics and chemical stability.
  • Highly resistant to cold with no moisture absorption.

Main Features:

  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • High impact strength
  • Easy to machine
  • Low friction rate
  • ESD properties