Bakelite Orange / Brown / Black

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Phenolic Laminates are insulation materials made by impregnating one or more layers of paper or cotton with phenolic resin and laminating them under heat and pressure. The end products, also known as Thermosets, offer high electrical and mechanical performance including,
Good electrical insulating properties
high moisture resistance
good dimensional stability
physical strength
ease and versatility of fabrication
high impact and compressive strengths.
Cotton phenolic laminates display higher mechanical strength and better machinability as compared to Paper phenolic laminates.
Both Paper and Cloth phenolic laminates are suitable for, Machining, Drilling, Punching, Sanding, Tapping, Turning, Milling, Shearing and Cutting.
Typical applications include Terminal boards, Switches, Bearings, Gears, Washers, Transformers, Machining components and more…

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