Sheet (SHT) Series

Sheet (SHT) Series

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Product lineup

We call the products which are less than 5mm thick TPS-sheet (SHT) series. These are suitable for punched parts. The package units are rolls or a bundle of pieces, depending on the thickness.

SHT-PEEK4000 : Unfilled type
SHT-PEEK4110 : Abrasion resistance type
SHT-PPS2001 : Unfilled type
SHT-N6 (NC) : Unfilled type
SHT-N6 (BK) : Black colored type
SHT-N6 (CF20) : Black colored CF reinforced type
SHT-N6 (M)-1 : Molybdenum reinforced type
SHT-N66 (NC) : Unfilled type
SHT-POM (NC) : Unfilled type
SHT-POM (BK) : Black colored type
SHT-ABS (NC) : Unfilled type
SHT-ABS (BK) : Black colored type
SHT-ABS (WH) : White colored type
SHT-PP (NC) : Unfilled type
SHT-PP (BK) : Black colored type
SHT-PE (NC) : Unfilled type

● SHT-PEEK and SHT-N6(CF20) have excellent abrasion resistance, rigidity and stiffness at high temperature.
●SHT-PPS has excellent dimentional stability, good chemical resistance,abrasion resistance. But, inferiority of sliding ability.
● SHT-N6, N6(CF20), N66 and POM have excellent slitting and punching ability.
●SHT-N6(CF20) is more lightweight and stronger material than SHT-PEEK. Further more, conductive material with carbon fiber reinforced.
●SHT-N6 and N66 have low dimensional stability, due to absorbing moisture from the air.
● Low water absorption rate of SHT-N6 and N66 could lead to breakage, when punching in dry season.
● SHT-ABS is suitable for vacuum molding as well.
●SHT-PP and PE are suitable for low pressure sliding parts at low temperature. Due to low friction coefficient and good abrasion resistance. 


Use application
● Washer, spacer, gasket for ball bearing retainer.
● Speaker diaphragm ( SHT-PEEK 4000 )
● Insulator for battery ( SHT-PPS )
●Dielectric material of the film capacitor and variable capacitor. ( SHT-PPS2001 )
● Liner and guide ( SHT-POM )
● Punching sheet for speaker cover ( SHT-N6(CF20))

Performance chart of SHT Series

Characteristics comparison of SHT Series (as extrusion molding products)
Note :
1) 23°C, RH 65% equilibrium condition
2) Test method
                  Test equipment : Suzuki abrasion tester
                  Opponent material : S45C
                  Surface pressure (P) : 10 kg/cm2
                  Velocity (V) : 25 m/min
                  Contact area : 1.0 cm2
                  Lubricant : None
                  Condition : 23°C under normal circumstances


Flammability of SHT Series
Some SHT series have acquired and registered UL flame resis- tance as extrusion molding products.

17 Mar 2024