TPS-Antistatic AE Series

TPS-Antistatic AE Series

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Product lineup
AE3 : Conductive type with carbon black or CF
AE1 : Antistatic type without conductive fillers

● ”AE1” Antistatic type is a material which don’t generate static electricity and disperse static electricity smoothly, thanks to advanced polymer alloy technology without conductive fillers such as carbon black.
●”AE1” Antistatic type can be used in application where carbon is a concern, because it contains no carbon.
●“AE3”conductive type is a high performance product with favorable electrical properties for controlling static charge, dust accumulation and electrical noise generation by sliding and wearing.
●“AE3”conductive type with carbon black has less dimen- tional change over the years, compared to materials reinforced CF.

Use application
● IC parts, Carrige
● Transportation equipment roller
● Semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment
● OA equipment drive parts
● Parts inside the clean room

Performance chart of AE series by base resin
Performance chart of TI-530AE3

17 Mar 2024