TPS-POM [Polyacetal]

Product lineup :
POM(NC) : Unfilled type
POM(BK) : Black colored type
POM(BLUE) : Blue colored type
POM(RED) : Red colored type
POM(YELLOW) : Yellow colored type
POM(GRAY) : Gray colored type
POM(BLUE) FD : Blue colored POM material compliant with EU No.10/2011 (PIM: Plastic Implementing Measure)
POM(NC) Super : Unfilled low distortion type
POM(BK) Super : Black colored low distortion type
POM(NW02) : Sliding type

- Well balanced material properties, machinability and chemical resistance. But, permeated by strong acids.
- Low weather resistance. Due to the high content of oxygen molecular.
- TPS-POM has wide range of thickness, diameters and colors. Colored POM is suitable for color-coding to prevent mistakes in production line.
- POM FD has the same characteristics as the conventional POM, meeting PIM which is in effect since 1st Jan 2016.
- Deformation of POM snper is about 1/4 of conventional POM. And its heat-dependent dimensional change in thickness and length is almost zero at temperatures up to 140ºC. Less dimensional change and shape deformation during machining allows production time shorter.

Use application
- Parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
- Parts for electronic devices
- Parts for food handling machinery
- Parts for general machinery
- Carrige 
- POM FD is suitable for parts of food handling machinery
- POM Super is suitable for products with strict dimensional accuracy, large workpieces and automated process, precision machining. 

26 Feb 2024