Natural Rubber Sheet

ChangExp NR
Natural rubber high abrasion rubber sheet further enhanced physical property of natural rubber for abrasion resistant, this high abrasion rubber sheet are excellent used in applications where excessive cuts, abrasion or wear & tear occur. Great impact resistance that used as cushioning resistance in matting applications. It’s resistance to
chemical make it perfect rubber lining for chemical tank. Specially designed for applications where high abrasion resistance is required, compounded from premium
natural rubber for better abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance. Pure natural rubber exhibits high strength, elasticity, excellent cut and tear resistance, resulting in outstanding performance in heavy wear and abrasion environments like the mining & quarry industries.

- Superior abrasion resistance
- Excellent resistance to impact, cut and tear
- Outstanding tensile strength
- High resilience

- Tank lining                               - Valve liner
- Slurry handling                        - Belting
- Pipe lining                               - Hydrocyclones liner
- Pump Liner                             - Skirt board
- Chute lining                            - Pulley cover

25 May 2023