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Durostone WGR 781

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Durostone WGR 781 High Performance Plastic

Durostone® WGR781 is a woven glass laminate which has been specially formulated to withstand extreme temperatures and aggressive fluxes. Fluxes containing halides or halogen activators can reduce a material´s lifespan, but Durostone® WGR781 can run many thousands of cycles without any adverse effect. The woven glass reinforcement ensures that the flux does not penetrate the solder pallet surface and expose fibres.
The resin used to produce Durostone® WGR781 can operate at a continous temperature of 280°C without degradation. The material also displays excellent mechanically properties and provides the necessary dimensional stability at elevated temperatures in the wave soldering process. Durostone® WGR781 has excellent machining properties, with walls of just 0.50 mm thick possible.
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