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Durostone CFR767

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Durostone CFR767 Durostone High Performance Plastic

Durostone CFR 767
A combination of flux, temperature and process cycles can result in the degradation of the standard DUROSTONE grades of material.
The solution is DUROSTONE CFR 767 which has been specifically formulated for use with aggressive fluxes and high process temperatures.
The resin used to produce DUROSTONE CFR767 can withstand temperatures up to 300°C/572°F. The decision to use DUROSTONE CFR767 over one of the standard grades is made when the solder bath temperature exceeds 265°C and the bottom side PCB pre-heat exceeds 140°C.
DUROSTONE CFR767 has excellent flux resistance. When fluxes containing halides or dicarboxylic acids are used in high volume production the lifespan of the standard grades of material can be reduced so DUROSTONE CFR767 is an ideal solution.
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